I am Karan Shah

Programmer ;,Developer !,{ Coder }

Name: Karan shah

Profile: Student

Email: shahkaran1910@gmail.com

Phone: +91-9619102000

Programming Languages: C, Java, Python, JavaScript 80%
Data Science Libraries: NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, SciKit-Learn, Open CV 70%
Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery, Web Scraping, SEO, Google Analytics, MySQL 75%
Other Softwares Tools: Eagle, Arduino, IoT, Git/Github 65%
About me Resume

Hi, I am Electronics Engineering student at KJ Somaiya College of Engineering(KJSCE). I love problem solving, and hence I have been involved in developing solutions to address real-world problems using software. Recently, I have been fascinated with Web Technologies and hope to dive deeper into it.

I am a quick learner in tools and technologies used for software development workflow and passionately learn new things until I master them. I am a passionate individual who thrives to build and apply algorithms to solve real- world industry problems.

" A year spent in programming is enough to make one believe in God ! "

Apart from these, I like playing cricket and swimming. Moreover, I have been intrigue with Writing Blogs on Programming ,Technology and love exploring it.


We need to learn from our experiences and take responsibilities for our actions and drive on.

Apro Greentech

Web Development

During this Intern of 4 months,Build fully functional cutting edge web interface and solely deployed the website on server.
Performed SEO optimisation for website to show at higher rank on famous search engine like google.

Progno Healthcare


Designed the entire website from scratch to enhance user experienced & optimized speed and scalability for desktop and mobile version both.
Apartly I got a very good exposure for Learning Adode XD.

Neoperks Technologies

R & D Intern

Tested the soil sample and provided assistance in generating datasets from hardware of various parameters in soil.
I got hands on experience on dealing with large data, Analyzing it and using advance Excel techniques.


JT Technical Head

Led a Team Members to conduct various Technical Seminar / Events and Workshops for fellow Students.
Thereby, Promoting "Prakalpa" state level competition on Technical paper presentation in our college.

J.P. Morgan


A great initiative by JPMORGAN CHASE & CO. and InsideSherpa.
I was successfully able to establish Financial Data Feeds,implement Perspective for Data Visualization and create charts for Trader's Dashboard.

Swift Sailor | IIT Rookre

Campus Ambassador

Learnt event management techniques, technical presentations skills as well as advanced Marketing Techniques.
Maintain various social media accounts of the firm & brought registrations of seminars & events for the firm.


Small daily Achievements over time lead to stunning results

~ Secured 3 Star Rating in Competitive Programming platform like Codechef ~
~ Secured under 10 and 11 Rank in College in September and December long Challenge in Codechef ~
~ Secured 3 Star badge in Java and MySQL in Hacker Rank ~
~ Completed Software Engineering virtual Experience by JP MorganChase & Co ~
~ worked with IT service SVV members for developing websites fot the college's annual festivals ~
~ Secured First Prize for Contactless hand sanitizer dispenser using IOT in the Electronics Department and currently working on the manuscript / paper to publish in a Journal ~
~ Aerodynamic Modelling workshop (Onyx team associated with RIIDL) Participated and developed a prototype which was verified by IIT-Bombay Advisors and received a certificate ~


Every project is an opportunity to learn, to figure out problems and challenges, to invent and reinvent.


The certificate that promotes a divine idea is humility, Get yourself upgraded with the good news of humility every day!